Materials for
Photo Process

Application Materials

The fine chemical materials used in the core process of semiconductor manufacturing,
the photo process, are based on synthesis and purification technologies.

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Materials for Photo Process

Photoresist is a material that responds sensitively to specific wavelengths of light and changes
its properties. It is a photosensitive material used in the core process of semiconductor pattern formation (photolithography), consisting of polymers, Photo Acid Generator (PAG), and additives.

  • Polymer for PR

    The key chemical substance that
    determines characteristics

  • PAG for PR
    (Photo Acid Generator)

    When it absorbs light, acid is
    generated, which acts as
    a catalyst to modify the polymer
    structure and form a pattern.

  • Monomer for PR

    Starting substance of polymer

  • Additive for PR

    Substance that plays a supporting
    role in the performance of Photo

A material that complements the thin photoresist, which forms micro patterns, forms
a protective layer on the photoresist or helps to prevent the bending of light to aid in the formation of well-defined patterns.

  • Polymer for BARC

    As a reflection-resistant layer coated on the bottom of PR, it is a substance that helps to suppress problems caused by light reflected onto the substrate during the photolithography process, allowing for consistent patterning.

  • Polymer/Monomer for SOH

    Plays a role as a supporting layer to prevent the collapse of the photoresist during the etching process as the pattern becomes finer.


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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