Making our best effort to secure
a position
as a leader in the future
semiconductor market

NC Chem is focusing on domestication of core materials and early-stage development of
next-generation materials. We are pursuing innovative research by establishing independent
development processes.


We have rich and diverse data acquisition and accurate data interpretation
technology through
continuous investment in analysis equipment.

Analytical Equipment table
Application Equipment Model
Organic Chemical
HPLC 1100 (Agilent) / e2695 (Waters)
GC, GC/HS 7890A / 7890B-7697A (Agilent) / 7890B-7697A FID detector (Agilent)
IR Spectrum 100 (PerkinElmer)
DSC DSC250 (TA Instruments)
Karl Fischer C20 (Mettler Toledo) / C20S (Mettler Toledo) /
C30sx+pro (Mettler Toledo) / 870 KF Titrino Plus (Metrohm)
NMR Ascend™ 400 / MR-400MHz (Agilent) / AVANCE NEO 600MHz (Bruker)
Metal Analysis ICP-MS 8900 (Agilent) / 7700S (Agilent) / Nexion 350S (Perkin-Eilmer)
Polymer Analysis GPC E2695 (Waters)
Absorption /
UV spectrometer V650 (Jasco) / 8452 (Agilent) / 8452A(HP)
Others IC ICS-6000 (Thermo Fisher Dionex)
Refractometer NAR-1T(ABBE) / RA-620 (JEM) / RX4 (Mettler Toledo)
Viscometer LVDV-II+ (Brookfield) / DV-III ultra (Brookfield) / DV2T LV (Brookfield)
Auto Titrator 916 Ti-Touch (Metrobm)
Specific gravity D4 (Mettler Toledo)
pH/Conductometer 914 pH (Metrohm)
Microscope BX5ITRF (Olympus)
Tensile strength UTM 3366 (Instron)
Colorimetry Colorimeter Colorquest XE (Hunter Lab) / PFX-I (Lovibond)
Density Electronicdensimeter SD-200L (Ohaus)
Stability QUV system QUV/SE (Q-Lab)
Particle size LPC KS-41AF(RION)
Durability Check &
Zetasizer Nano-S (Malvern) / ZEN1600 (Malvern) / ELS-8000 (Otsuka)
Temp/Humidity Chamber TH-DG-150 (JEIOTECH)
Surface Hardness Tester CKH-100 (CK)
Surface Resistivity Tester Mega Ohm meter (Hioki)

Analytical Lab

  • NMR (400 MHz)
  • NMR (400 600MHz NMR-Cryo probe)
  • DSC
  • UPLC
  • APC
  • GPC
  • IC
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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